Sorry to hear about the death in your family. Welcome back. We've missed you.

Thank you! You are much too kind!


My bands name, as you can probably conclude, is Voyager. The name is taken from the probe sent into space with hopes of extraterrestrials finding it, and contacting us. On Voyager was a golden record with what was considered to be the best pieces of music on it from all types of genres. This is of course the aim of our band, although funds prevent what we can do with some of our music.

Members are

Cody (Me): Lead Guitar, Vocals.

  Ivy: Rhythm Guitar.

Brian: Bass.

Thus far all songs for the album we are working on are written. We  are now just practicing and perfecting the songs. So what you can expect to find on here from the band thus far is Acoustic Demos, Instrumentals, and practice sessions.

I hope you will all appreciate the content as well as comment and critique it. Thank you all for your time!


So as I’m sure many of you haven’t noticed I have not posted on this blog in quite a while. The reasons for this are as follow: Death in the family, days have been busy, band, and I had forgot the password.

I am going to try to start this blog up again although it is going to be fairly different as far as content goes. I would like to drop most of the political aspects, and focus more on My band and thing I find interesting.

Thank you to everyone who has stayed. I hope we can all have a good experience here.  

Well you're obviously full of shit.

Says the guy hiding his face

Robert Johnson - Cross Road Blues
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Cross Road Blues - Robert Johnson

I’m not a negative person. I’m just reacting to an awful negative world.  


Spin Magazine’s Last Issue cover of 1994. 


Spin Magazine’s Last Issue cover of 1994.